Friday, 10 June 2011

Pool of Radiance: 'My companions kept dying left and right...'

Shortly after entering the slums, I met a fortune teller. She told me that blood and violence await me. I was sceptical at first. Blood and violence? In an RPG? It has to be a mistake.

Second battle in the slum, and mage Adepali died before I had a chance to move. His status indicated that he wasn't dead, just dying. I tried to heal him using a cleric, but I cast the spell to early, without moving next to him, so I had to abort. The game kept tormenting me with the 'Adepali is dying' message every turn. I felt useless. I just couldn't save him. Afterwards. while Gavlas was trying to engage an enemy, he must have somehow activated an 'attack of opportunity' because the enemy was guarding, and died too.

Then, it was Maaluska's turn to cast, and she chose  the 'Sleep' spell. All enemies fell asleep, and the rest butchered them. To my relief I realised that I could heal the 'dying' member. One benefit of having low hit points is that you can get 'fully healed' with a 'cure light wounds' spell. Hah.

During the next fight, everybody died. Instead of reloading, I opted to create new characters. This time I would be better prepared to face the evil that lurks in the slums of New Phlan.

One thing I discovered during my playtime was that mapping was not necessary. At least not in the town. There is the 'area' command that displays a (rather crude) map of the area. Same thing goes for the slums, however, the exits of the rooms are not shown.


Anonymous said...

In battle, if one of your party members goes down, you can have any of your characters choose (D)one and then (B)Bandage to keep them from dying. They are still unconsious however...

PlutoNick said...

Usually when one goes down, the rest will follow very soon. But thanks for the tip. I also found out that bandage is not restricted by distance. Strange.

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