Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pool of Radiance: More like, Pool of Bugs

When playing Pool of Radiance I always laugh when NPCs greet me and say 'Can I show you something?'. Heck No! Please don't! Well, I got a dirty mind...

'Is that a short-sword in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?'

Anyway, multiclassing was a double edge sword. Initially it helped me a lot in the first fights in the slums. My mortality ration was greatly reduced thanks to my mages being also fighters. They could survive longer and dish out more damage.

However, now I am stuck. I can't seem to be able to level them. Multiclass characters need more experience points. As a result I can't finish the troll battle in the slums, which means I can't finish this quest. I was reluctant to go to the other areas before finishing the first quest, but it seems I don't have a choice. I need to wander a bit, do some random battles and get experience, so I can level up and kill those trolls.

*Update* After doing just what I wrote before, I went to town to sell the excess armor I had looted. When I pooled my coins, the game bugged and I ended up having 2112 jewelry, each one valued at 1000 platinum. Bummer.

I am going to keep playing with the 'bugged' save game. I am bored to reload, besides, I read that economy is broken in Pool of Radiance anyway. After a while you end up with more money than you can use.

Also know as: Pool of Jewelry?
Ouch. I just pressed 'take' from the option. It seems coins are breeding more coins!!! When I click view, each character has only jewelry. So I guess every time I press 'pool' the bug replicates itself. The bug is even worse than what I expected. I can't pick up the coins, because I am overloaded. I am stuck with only Jewelry, which are not useful in shops. I panicked for a moment then I remembered the 'drop' command. I dropped all those cursed jewelry.


Antonakis said...

With all that jewelry maybe you could hire a whole army of women to fight your battles for you!

PlutoNick said...

Ha, this reminds me of a Call of Cthulhu rpg podcast I heard lately. The cultists were so powerful and the1920s campaign had reached such a ridiculous climax, that the PCs had hired (though a newpaper) 2000 war veterans in order to ambush a cultist's manor.

Anonymous said...

I had the same bug, but a reload squashed it.

FYI: you do not have to beat the trolls to clear the Slums. As long as you have resolved the other set encounters, the slums should be clear!

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