Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pool of Radiance: Kuto's Well and Sokal Keep cleared!

I cleared Kuto's Well area and killed the Bandit band and their leader, Norris the Gray. That must have been awesome because the game informed that I can now rest in the sewers. Lucky me. I am more excited, because this is the first area/block I manage to clear.

Norris' corpse had a curious letter addressed to him by one that like to call himself 'The Boss'. He instructed him to assemble a band and meet another band of hobgoblins in the city's docks and follow the orders of the hobgoblin leader. Norris' didn't like this and had prepared a reply saying so. Alas, he met my band first and now he is in no state to mail his reply.

I thought that slums are the ones to clear first, but that troll infested room is proving to be a challenge. I am terrified of the trolls and don't want to go near them until I level up some more.

So, while exploring, I entered Sokal Keep and cleared that too. I didn't get much exp from the battles, but once reported in the City Hall, I get a very large amount of experience. And a mission in the textile house, something about retrieving someone's family treasure. I didn't pay enough attention because I was planning on going there anyway.

Afterwards, I did a little fooling around and then tried to clear the slums again, without success. The trolls are still very high level. I managed to escape with a few death, luckily my wealth is large enough, so a few Raise Dead spells did not set me back considerably. I skipped the trolls for the time being (perhaps I am doing something wrong in the Slums?) and headed for the textile house.

At this time, I noticed the encumbrance was becoming a problem. Some members of the team could not move far enough. The main cause of this was the large amount of coins I was carrying. Since I had an obscene amount of jewelry on me, I decided to drop most of my platinum coins. I had heard that the game economy was broken, but this was a joke!


Anne Franke said...

It's fun watching you play the PC version of POR while I play the NES version :) Keep up the good work... and watch me get my head handed to me! :) .

You have a fun reading style. Keep up the good work, and remember that advice given to me by my pappy- "win!"

william said...

Gah! One of the hazards of using someone elses computer :) William is I, not the nom de plum' of the owner of this laptop. My apologies :)

Still, come visit my blog now that you know who I am again :)

PlutoNick said...

I do visit your blog. I am one of your followers there. Btw, did you manage to clear the slums? I am confused by the fact that I can't clear them. Someone told me that you don't have to kill the trolls in order to get the quest done, but he must have been wrong.

william said...

Yes, I was finally able to kill the trolls- but the NES version is an easy fight. Two trolls and a couple kobolds. But until I cleared out the trolls, too, I never got credit for clearing the slums either.

I dunno how strong you have to be to clear the slums in the PC version. The CRPGAddict did it tho, so it must be possible...

william said...

Um, have you been playing still? Been quite a time since yr last post... Hope that means you haven't stopped playing! That would be a shame!

PlutoNick said...

It is true that I haven't touched POR for some time. I now see that it's been more than 3 weeks. Damn!

To my defense, Steam had summer sales and bought a bunch of games. Then I got my birthday and people gave me Steam wishlisted games and I even got LA Noire for PS3.

I always got POR on the back of my mind. I will come back to this eventually.

I am also thinking I should name this blog 'CRPG Nostalgia', because lately I am being nostalgic of more old games besides CRPGS, such as the excellent XCOM turn based series. Or the Phantasmagoria (gory) adventures.

william said...

I wish people would give me games. Sigh. I never get anything as a gift- unless you count my computer, which was a gift :)

You should rename the blog... maybe not what you said, because you seem to have said you want to rename the blog from CRPG nostalgia to CRPG nostalgia, from what I interpret you said. Many games should be played and blogged on, should you play them :)

I have dabbled in XCOM, never played many adventure games at all. I blow at them.

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